The Greyhound Harness

  • The Greyhound Harness
  • The Greyhound Harness
  • The Greyhound Harness
  • The Greyhound Harness
  • The Greyhound Harness

The Greyhound Harness does exactly what it says on the tin: a harness that's specially designed for greyhounds and all deep chested breeds alike.

Let’s get into the details:

The Greyhound Harness features three attachment points to match your pup’s walking style:

- On the back, close to the neck,
- Mid-way down the back, and
- At the front of your pup's chest.

Whether they’re leading the way, dragging along behind you, or weaving from side to side to sniff everything there is to sniff - the harness is made with everyone in mind. Gone will be the days of a harness sitting incorrectly (or even falling off) because of how your pup likes to conduct their sniffaris!

The front attachment point can be utilised in a ‘no-pull’ configuration (perfect for training), or simply for compatibility with different coats/raincoats and other accessories. A very soft, but strong brushed polyester webbing is used for this attachment to prevent irritation on the front of your pup’s chest. Comfort is at the centre of this design!

Both back attachments are excellent options for leisurely strolls around your neighbourhood.

The Greyhound Harness also features a double tummy strap for added stability and security (we're looking at you, Houdini hounds!). Where these double straps sit is completely up to you and your hound – the five points of adjustability allow you to control how your pup's Greyhound Harness is fitted.

The design is a classic ‘Y’ shape at the front, to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed over your pup’s chest and allows for complete freedom of movement throughout the shoulder joint. The back of the harness forms a 'H' shape, keeping the harness snug and in place.

As with all Pointed Pup harnesses, The Greyhound Harness is compatible with the Anti-Balding harness protectors. If you already have a Pointed Pup harness protector, it will also be compatible with this new harness.

To pop the harness on, simply place over your pup’s head, right foot through the front loop and then clip up on the side. The clip receptacles are sewn in place, so you can do it up one handed too (we know what it’s like trying to get ready for a walk)!
If your hound is fussy about having their feet touched (or simply don't like to step into the harness), you can just pop the big around-the-chest straps out of the tummy strap, place the harness over their heads and then re-thread the chest straps through the tummy strap. A little instructional card can be sent with your new harness if you'd like a pictorial how-to.

Ziggy wears the Galaxy of Dinosaurs fabric with Stainless Steel hardware in a Large size.


Each harness is carefully crafted with a durable, yet soft cotton fabric and a strong polyester webbing base. Fabric choice and hardware colour are totally customisable so that you can create your pup's own style! All classic rub points are completely enclosed in fabric to minimise balding and irritation for your pup.

For those with super sensitive skin, additional Anti-Balding Harness Protectors can be attached over the harness to prevent rubbing from occurring at all.


The harness can be made in any fabric that you see on the website. If there is a fabric you're after that isn't listed in the fabric options below, choose another fabric here, and then write me a note in the checkout - we'll email you to confirm this. Thank you!

Please note that due to each harness being handmade, the pattern placement may vary.


Each harness can be tailor-made to your pup's dimensions! Just send through the measurements with your order (diagram in the FAQ's page) and we'll take it from there. Standard sizes are listed below.

Measure your pup around the widest point on their chest, and at the base of their neck (where their neck joins their chest) as per the diagram in the FAQ page:

If you're unsure of how to measure your pup, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Small: Chest girth 30-50 cm. Base of neck 30-35 cm.

Medium: Chest girth 45-70 cm. Base of neck 30-45 cm.

Large: Chest girth 55-90 cm. Base of neck 40-50 cm.

Extra Large: Chest girth 70-105 cm. Base of neck 45-60 cm.