Snap-Shut O Ring

$2.00 - $4.50
  • Snap-Shut O Ring
  • Snap-Shut O Ring
  • Snap-Shut O Ring

*Please note that this product is not included in the February Promotion*

Sick of ruining your fingernails trying to pry open that split ring to switch your pup's ID tag to a new collar?
We are too.

This small clip-on O ring will allow you to change collars without giving it a second's thought. This works exactly like a carabiner: push on the gate to open the ring, and release for it to snap shut. The mechanism is nice and stiff, so you wont have to worry about it spontaneously falling off.

At present, this is only available in silver. If you're interested in a gold option, get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

P.S.: There's a discount if you order more than one snap-shut O ring!

Dimensions of this O ring:
20mm outer diametre
3.5mm thickness