How-To Guides

Let’s talk Martingale Collars

What is a martingale collar?

A martingale is made up of two loops - the main loop and a smaller loop on top. When you pull on the D-ring, the smaller loop tightens to hug your pup's neck. This doesn't hurt or choke them if used properly!

So, why use a martingale?

This style of collar prevents your pup from slipping out of their collar, and is super useful for training purposes. You’ll often find it being the collar of choice for dogs with thick necks and slimmer heads – such as Greyhounds or German Shorthaired Pointers.

That being said, if you have a bit of an escape artist on your hands (no matter the size), this might be the perfect collar for you!

What makes Pointed Pup martingales different?

Our martingales use a soft, cotton-based webbing with polyester additions for strength. This keeps things comfy for your pup without you having to worry about compromising on the collar’s durability.

Not to mention – each of our martingale collars are custom made for your pup! Once you’ve chosen from our wide range of gorgeous fabrics, you have complete control over the size, width of the collar and the hardware colour/type. We will even create a custom size for you if your pup sits on a size boundary! Go on and have a squiz at some of the martingales we have on offer:

Still a little unsure of how it all works? Check out the below videos:

Let's talk No-Pull Harnesses

What is a no-pull harness?

A no-pull harness, also called an ‘easy walk’ harness, features two key attachment points: at the front of your pup’s chest, and on the back between their shoulder blades. It’s designed to discourage your pup from pulling and make walking an overall more enjoyable for everyone.

How do I use a no-pull harness?

Here's a little crash course for you:
Clipping your lead to the front attachment allows you to redirect your pup's forward pulling motion in towards you. Perfect for training your pup to walk alongside you, rather than in front.
Clipping to the attachment on the back will gently squeeze your pup's shoulders together as they pull ahead - slowing them down and bringing them back to your pace. You could use the back attachment as your second stage of training – that is, once your pup no longer pulls ahead like a draft horse and only needs slight corrections.

You can also use both attachments simultaneously! This will give you a great amount of control over your pup's pulling tendencies, and is an excellent option for training pups who haven't yet learned how to walk on a lead.

This harness also works for pups who know how to walk on a lead. By design, the loops wont tighten unless there is a pulling motion, so if you're just after a comfortable and fuss-free harness for your pup, this is the one!

How do I put on a Pointed Pup no-pull harness?

Putting this harness on is one of the easiest things you’ll do in preparation for a walk. Simply place the harness over your pup's head with the label facing towards the front (i.e: on the front of your pup's chest) and clip up the tummy strap on the side. No need to wrestle around with multiple attachments!

What makes Pointed Pup no-pull harnesses different?

All Pointed Pup harnesses are custom made to your pup’s dimensions! You’re welcome to contact us prior to ordering, or simply place your order, and we’ll email you to work out measurements on the same day.

Also, our harnesses are crafted from a strong polyester webbing base, yet unlike others on the market, Pointed Pup harnesses are completely enclosed with a durable, yet soft cotton fabric at all the classic rub points. This protects your pup’s coat and minimizing ‘balding’ and irritation. For those pups with super sensitive skin, additional Anti-Balding Harness Protectors can be attached over the harness to prevent rubbing from occurring at all.